Scott’s 32nd NCAA Calvary Bracket Invitational

Background of the NCAA Calvary Bracket Invitational
Calvary NCAA Invitational

NCAA Calvary Bracket Invitational

In my sophomore year of High School, I passed out NCAA brackets at church to the youth group.  I tracked the points and brought handwritten results to church every week.  Times have changed, everything is done in the cloud and calculated automatically.  What hasn’t changed is the fun of talking basketball with friends for a few weeks each year.  This year marks the 31st for hosting a warm natured bracket challenge for my friends in the church family.  Congratulations to last year’s winner Jacob Seymour.
Funny thing, I had decided to retire and not run the challenge last year, but 12 people signed up and filled out brackets, without me sending any emails.  Maybe there is still a little life in this thing after all.   Reboot.
Group Rules

The deadline for submitting your completed NCAA bracket is prior to the start of the round 1 games (usually about Noon EST on Thursday).  Additionally, the tiebreaker is the combined total score of the final game.   Finally, the maximum brackets each player can submit is ONE.

Scoring Methodology
  • Round One, 1 point
  • Round Two, 2 Points
  • Sweet Sixteen Winners, 3 Points
  • Elite Eight Winners, 4 Points
  • Final Four Winners, 5 Points
  • Champion, 10 Points
Instructions for Joining The NCAA Calvary Bracket Invitational

You first need a free account.  Then join the tournament at the following URL: Bracket Group on CBS Sports Website.  If you are prompted for a league password, the league password is “calvary”.  Complete your bracket on the CBS website and submit.  Remember, there is no cost, no cash, no betting, no gambling.  We are playing for bragging rights and a little bit of trash talking.  Do not hesitate to post your comments or attempted smack using your Facebook account below.

NCAA Basketball Invitational Trophy

Hall of Fame

Calvary Bracket Invitational Hall of Fame
— Modern Cloud Era —
31st Year – 2018 – Ken Orcutt with 71 points and 39 correct picks. It is Ken’s 1st win in the modern cloud era, however, he’s third overall.  Note: it was a tight year, with the four top finishers being former champions.
30th Year – 2017 – Jacob Seymour with 74 points and 40 correct picks. 1st-time champion, 4th for the family.
29th Year – 2016 – Rick Seymour with 75 points and 43 correct picks. 2x champion, 3rd for the family.  Brother’s take first and second.
28th Year  2015 – Mike Hammel with 82 points 48 correct picks. 5x champion.
27th Year  2014 – Nathan Stewart with 69 points and 43 correct picks.  1st-time champion.
26th Year – 2013 –Rick Seymour with 70 points and 37 correct picks. 1st-time champion, 2nd for the family. The first time the tiebreaker was used to declare a winner (over Scott Ferguson).
25th Year – 2012 – Scott Ferguson with 90 points and 43 correct picks. 6x champion, 10th for the family.
24th Year – 2011 – Alan McFerrin with 64 points, 1st-time winner.
23rd Year – 2010 – Sharon Agriesti with 71 points, 3x champion, 9th for the family.
22nd Year – 2009 – Mark Eubel with 96 points, 1st-time winner, back to back for family.
21st Year – 2008 – Carl Eubel with 88 points, 1st-time winner.
20th Year – 2007 – Brooke Ferguson with 105 points, 1st-time winner, the family placed 1st and 2nd.
19th Year – 2006 – Rob Seymour with 39 correct picks, 1st-time champion.
18th Year – 2005 – Scott Ferguson with 44 correct picks, 5x champion.
— The Paper Era —
17th Year – 2004 – Ken Orcutt, 2x champion. 16th Year – 2003 – Chad Uttermark. 15th Year – 2002 – Sharon Agriesti. 14th Year – 2001 – Robert Johnson. 13th Year – 2000 – Randy Brake. 12th Year – 1999 – Dan Brake. 11th Year – 1998 – Mike Hammel, unprecedented 3 in a row, 4x champion. 10th Year – 1997 – Mike Hammel. 9th Year – 1996 – Mike Hammel. 8th Year – 1995 – Ken Orcutt. 7th Year – 1994 – Scott Ferguson. 6th Year – 1993 – Mike Hammel. 5th Year – 1992 – Sharon Agriesti. 4th Year – 1991 – Scott Ferguson. 3rd Year – 1990 – Mike Fitch. 2nd Year – 1989 – Scott Ferguson. 1st Year – 1988 – Scott Ferguson.
Have fun losing.

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