A Closing Remark Regarding my Grandma Rebecca Ferguson

My Grandma, Rebecca Ferguson

My Grandma, Rebecca Ferguson

I had the unique opportunity to participate in the funeral for my grandma, Rebecca (Pinkerton) Ferguson on May 31st, 2012.  Unexpectedly, the morning of the funeral, my uncle Jim asked me to deliver the closing prayer.  I wasn’t the oldest or favorite grandchild, however, I was more than willing to represent my generation.  Moreover, I knew I needed to make a remark that represents the true nature of my Grandma.

As the task at hand sank in, Uncle Jim’s request completely overwhelmed me.  I sat in the hotel, deep in thought, contemplating what I should say.  All the while, I heard my wife singing, “Blessed Assurance”, in the other room.  The song reminded me of Grandma’s strong prayer life and the protection she prayed for her children every day.

I truly believed my grandmother’s prayers are what had kept her children safe over the years.  Furthermore, Grandma’s prayer kept her children from untimely death or being defeated by a terminal illness.  Thus, I believe it was my grandmother that had kept my extended family safe.

Later that day, the only note I would take with me to the podium was this…

Grandma’s Closing Prayer

“Grandma’s light in this world has been extinguished, we all need to allow an ember from her fire to kindle a flame in each of us.  We must allow her light to continue to shine, in this dark world, through each of us every day.”

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June 1, 2012

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