God Is Forever, God Is, God Remains

Sunset in California, God remains

Sunset in California, God is

Today, I was thinking about how quickly life seems to be passing by me. It is easy to miss the small opportunities in life that really matter. I could lose a loved one in a moment, unexpectedly, without a last chance to say goodbye. Without warning, I could make a mistake that would forever change my life. I could pass up a chance to make a difference because I was too busy with the chaos of life.

In these thoughts of apparent despair I felt the weights of life were only trying to drive me into the ground.  The thoughts tried to make me think that I was not good enough or I that I could not do something. The weights made me think I am a failure or there is no way for I could succeed.

In this moment of desperation, I prayed, “Lord speak to me, lift me up.” I hear clearly…

When the dust settles and chaos concedes, God is. He is the one that has always been there and always will be there, He remains. Even though at times the haze of life makes it hard to see Him standing there, know that God is.

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April 18, 2012

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