In Memory of My Brother, Larry Levisay


A profile picture of my friend, Larry Levisay.

I could always count on Larry for the first call on every holiday, birthday, or anniversary.  He was the first to remember every possible date.

But the calls didn’t stop with just the recurring events, Larry would call me every few weeks.  His calls were like clockwork.  Usually the conversation was about the exact same thing, every time; usually from his hospital bed for some new ailment he was experiencing.

Our Conversation

“Hey ugly, are you staying out of trouble?”, he proclaim.

Then he follow that with, “remember when we went to the moon together because we’d gotten in trouble together.”

I’d reply, “But, that hasn’t happened in a long time.”

Sometimes he recall some experience we’d shared together, “Remember me getting sick at the Dairy Queen” or something about him getting sick passing out flyers.

He’d ask about my wife, Cara, and the how the kids were doing.  Then, remind me that we needed to get our families to go bowling again. He’d recount, “Remember when you were imitating Dilly (his wife) at the bowling alley?”

Finally, we discussed the upcoming or ongoing OSU football season.

“Talk to you later brother.”  The call ended as quickly as it had begun.

In the Hospital

When I visited him in the hospital a few weeks ago, his every sentance would start, “remember when…” but he’d lose track of where he was in thought.  So I started finishing his sentences for him.

We talked about “when we went to the moon together.” and “when I got sick at the DQ” and “when he got sick passing out flyers.”  He’d smile and laugh.

We talked about going bowling and how I would imitate Dilly.  “Oh Scott you are going to get us in trouble”m he proclaimed.  But that was going to forever be our little secret.

I’m not sure who I’m going to talk to about the upcoming OSU season or who will wake me up with a phone call on Christmas morning, but whoever it is, they have big shoes to fill.

Love you Larry, you will be forever missed.

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August 19, 2011

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