Pete Gardiner wins Runner-Up Camper of Year in 1991

Reminiscing Pete

Somewhat Current; Pete and Scott

Attending the Ohio District youth camps as a teenager provided some amazing memories.  I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything, as they are a highlight of my adolescence.  I met my wife at camp and established lifelong friendships.  Furthermore, at the center of most of these memories were the same group of guys, including; Mike, Danny, Mark, Craig, Aaron, Rick, Victor, Steve, Darrin, Todd, Ken, Skinny, Trevor, Andy, Chad, and (last but not least) Pete.

There are many stories to tell, and experiences to share; many I will never post online.  However, if you get a couple of us together, the stories will flow.

Getting To The Point

One of those fabulous memories was the surprise announcement of Pete Gardiner winning runner-up camper of year at Senior High camp in 1991.  Pastor Norman Pasley, of Cincinnati Ohio, announced the award.  The video is priceless, watch below.

The YouTube Video

1991 UPCI Senior High Youth Camp in Millersport, Ohio.

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June 22, 2017

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