Social Media Explained with Donuts

Smart Phone and Social MediaIn a time when there are so many different social media platforms, sometimes its difficult to know which platform is right for which message. Each platform would like to think they are the one and only to rule them all.  However, content lends itself to a specific audience, the required response, or anticipated interaction.

The Social Media Problem:

Resulting in the difficult task of determining, does this content need posted, tweeted, snapped, or pinned. Thus, if you can answer that question you will know exactly how to share the content.

The Solution:

To make it easy, I present, “Social Media Explained with Donuts”.  Align the content you want to post to the overly simplified content below. Thus, once you have alignment, you will know exactly which platform deserves your attention.

The List:
  • Twitter: I am eating a Dunkin #donut.
  • Facebook: I like donuts.
  • Swarm: This is where I eat donuts.
  • Instagram: Here’s a great photo of my donut.
  • SnapChat: Quick! Look at this donut that looks like a dog.
  • Youtube: Here, watch me eat this donut.
  • LinkedIn: I have very strong donut eating skills.
  • Pinterest: Here’s my grandma’s donut recipe.
  • Periscope: I can watch others eat a donut.
  • Yelp: This is a great place to buy a donut.
  • Google Plus: I work at Google and eat donuts.
In Conclusion:

So really, listen to some advice from an old guy that’s been using variations of social media for over 15 years.  Ask yourself these questions before posting anything online. (1) Would others think my content didn’t add any real value to the conversation?  (2) Would my grandma be embarrassed by what I am about to post? (3) Could this keep me from landing a real job? (4) Could this post be construed as narcissistic?  If you answered yes to any of them, delete your account, and go eat a donut instead.

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